The way selling tickets should be

Our ticket management platform helps you publish your tickets for sale everywhere.

We are currently pre-launch –– join us as an early-adopter customer to get the best rate.

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Step #1

Efficient ticket publishing

Adding and uploading tickets is wildly easy. You can easily add single events or bulk-upload an entire season in a few clicks.

Step #2

Easy sales and fulfillment

As your tickets sell, we automatically fulfill tickets with attached barcodes, or help you efficiently send tickets.

Step #3

Extraordinary customer support

When issues inevitably arise, our dedicated customer support team will advocate for you to reach a quick resolution.

Fair, honest, fast

As ticket sellers ourselves, we started because the existing ticket management platforms were mediocre, slow, and frustrating.

Instead, we seek to earn our reputation through lightning fast software backed by trustworthy customer service.

Three things we want to help you avoid...


Wasting time

Listing tickets should happen in mere seconds and be easy to complete on a mobile device.


Double sales

Our technology automatically pulls your ticket from all marketplaces the instant it sells on one of them.


Losing revenue

If the ticket doesn't sell before the event, you risk losing all of your money. Posting to many marketplaces increases the odds of a successful sale.

The Difference
Ease of use Top-notch
Customer service Extraordinary
Fees Lower

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If you sell tickets, the team is ready to make your life easier.

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Details for sellers

We will send you money on Venmo from @SellTickets once per week, for tickets which were paid out in the week previous.

Yes! Reach out to us and we are happy to create a custom rate for you based on annual sales volume.

At this moment, we support tickets which...

  • can be transferred electronically.
  • occur in the United States or Canada.

We plan to expand to other markets and ticket types in 2025.

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