For nonprofits

Ticket donations are a new way to generate revenue.

Most people don’t use all of their season tickets.

Some of your donors buy season tickets every year – and every year they get stuck with tickets to games that they won’t attend.

This is a great opportunity to generate new revenue for your organization.

The truth is that everyone is vying for your donors money – but no one is asking them for their leftover tickets. Meanwhile, the potential is tremendous – just a single set of four tickets to a college football game could easily generate a $1,000+ donation.

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The easiest fundraising your team will ever do.


Register for free

We will create a customized landing page with your branding and messaging to make receiving tickets easy.


Tell donors

Let donors know about the opportunity –– especially during football and baseball season.


That’s all!

We receive the tickets in your name, resell them, and wire the money. You don’t have to do anything else!

We handle everything.

Our founder spent a decade working in nonprofit marketing, so we know how important it is to offer a donor solution which is zero stress for your team.

We will...

  • Receive the tickets in your name
  • Provide support
  • List them on all major ticket marketplaces at competitive prices
  • Monitor fulfillment
  • Wire your organization the money

How much does it cost?

There is no fee to get started or use the program.

We take a percentage of each ticket sold as a management fee –– in other words, we don’t make money until you get donations! For most nonprofits, this is a completely new revenue stream.


Email [email protected] and we will get you set up!

Raise money through donated tickets

Let us handle logistics while your team reaps the reward. Email us to get started!

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Common questions

Great news! This program is completely free to join –– there is no budget impact to your organization.

We want to be aligned with your goals as a nonprofit, so we only earn commission when you get donations.

That commission covers the cost of receiving tickets, managing their price to ensure a timely sale, and offering top-quality support for ticket donors.

We ask nonprofit clients to confirm and ensure tax deductibility with their accounting team. We will work with your team to comply with any relevant tax law to ensure your donors can write off these donations on their taxes on our end.

The donation process happens in two clicks. It’s so fast, it’s actually easier than donating money.

Your donors will have an excellent giving experience and we provide top-quality support when necessary.

We will wire money to your bank in the first week of each month for tickets which were paid out in the previous month, along with a report of who donated.

Of course! Let us know if you’d like a report and we can send you a spreadsheet of all the tickets which are awaiting sale in the name of your organization.

In the rare event that an event is cancelled after it is paid out, we would require your organization to refund that payment, since we will have to refund the final buyer. Tickets to cancelled events essentially do not exist. But this is a very rare situation.

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