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Missing a concert and canceling a vacation was the best thing that could have happened.

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I’m Stephen Bateman – the creator of SellTickets.org.

The story starts in 2019 as my wife and I were planning to visit Toronto for “one last kid-free vacation.”

Our favorite band was scheduled to play on the first night of the trip, so I bought some really nice tickets as a vacation surprise.

Then, plans changed. No more Toronto. No more concert.

I spent the afternoon trying to get a refund on the tickets or list them for sale. After a few hours, I had to eat the cost and explain to my wife that I had spent $250 with nothing to show.

“Surely,” I thought, “someone can make this easier.” Selling on a marketplace has brutal fees and posting on social media feels like asking to be scammed.

Fast-forward a few years and my one of my best friends starts selling tickets on the side. His work reminded me of my ticket debacle and sparked my curiosity – “could I help solve this problem?”

I decided to create this service to help people who are like me – stuck with extra tickets that they no longer need.

If that’s you, I would like to make a cash offer for your tickets today. Send me a quick message and I will get you a quote.


P.S. You’ll get an offer directly from me – the creator of SellTickets.org – not some AI chatbot. I’ll make sure you have a smooth experience selling your tickets and get paid quickly.

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